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GP Paps Switch Version 4

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This is a new switch which ensures a seamless look with the GP PAPS v4 mod and is compatible with the previous versions v2,5 and v3, except the combination

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This is a new switch which ensures a seamless look with the GP PAPS v4 mod and is compatible with the previous versions v2,5 and v3, except the combination:

GP PAPS switch v4+GP PAPS 18500 tube v3+AW 18490 battery+GPin adapter for GP Heron.

In that case a 18500 battery has to be used or: 

 GP PAPS switch v4+GP PAPS 18500 tube v3+GP PAPS v3/v4 top cap+GP Heron 510 adapter+AW 18490 battery.

As you know from version 3, the GPin applies a constant force to the battery and it is faster to change battery from the top part of the mod than from the switch, especially when you have a Heron with a 201 connection on it. In that way, you don't need to pay attention to the locking ring's position and this eliminates any possibility to leave a small gap between the switch base and the tube due to inadequate tightening.

We have designed a new feature for the GP PAPS® v4. Once you screw the recessed switch, the locking ring cannot accidentally stick due to over-tightening, because the switch doesn't open anymore, unless we loosen the negative screw from the top with a screwdriver. The switch is compatible with previous versions, it can be pressed, can be locked-unlocked, but we won't be able to unscrew it from the bottom, only from above as I described earlier. Faster change of battery, no gaps, nor any additional seams. The switch, once it is taken apart, can be assembled very easily outside of the tube. For further details, please watch the video reference guide below:

The serial number is laser etched inside the switch. The button is polished brass, with a SS inlay with a CNC engraving of the Heron engine on it. The switch housing is brushed. The switch is made from EU certified 316 SS. The locking ring has reverse threading and the button's travel is only 0,03 mm. The reverse locking ring combined with the moderate hardness of the switch's spring secures the button to remain locked during transport, inside pockets, etc.

It can accomodate all brands of batteries and in case of a nipple top battery, a second insulator is included. The switch has 4 internal air vents as a safety feature in case of a battery failure. We recommend only genuine IMR batteries for use with our mods. The 20x1 mm threading is calibrated with a tolerance of 0,05 mm. 

There is another method to remove the switch from the PAPS 4, which is indeed a very clever and handy way to do it.

Timbozero Method

You set the locking ring in the locked position and push the button with your finger and at the same time unscrew the switch; no need to remove the negative contact beforehand.

However with the handmade polishing and the goal of having a seamless look, the edge of the ring has become a bit sharp. Since for this way of opening the switch the user has to apply force to unlock, if they don't have enough experience or force in their hands, and if the switch is over tightened, there is a possibility to scratch their hand in the process. For that reason our official recommendation continues to be to open it like we show in the reference video. But, an experienced user can unscrew the switch with the aforementioned method in 3 seconds.

We had a case in France with the new AW IMR 18650 batteries which have protruded bottom and we designed a new negative post screw for the GP PAPS v4 to be used with such batteries. This will be included without any charge from August 14th onwards as an extra spare with every Paps v4 order. Current owners of the v4 who want to use such batteries, can leave a note in a future order to put one inside at no charge. A silver plated version will be at our store as well. The screw's head is shorter by 0,2 mm. It can also be used for a 0,05 mm button travel instead of the default 0,03 mm. 


GP PAPS negative post v4 short

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