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SQuape E(motion) 2.0 or 4.5 ml


Replacement Set SQuape X

SQuape X[dream]

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Product information "SQuape X[dream]"

SQuape X[dream] Set 
Hint: (as the SQuape X[dream] is out of stock, we recommend to choose the SQuape X[s] and add the tank extension kit as an alternative option to get more juice capacity +2.5ml, total 4.5ml)

RRP incl. VAT: CHF 149.00 / EUR 149.00 / USD 165.00 / GBP 119.90 (Please note that these prices represent only a recommendation - amendments by exchange rate fluctuationspossible)

The SQuape X[dream] is a rebuildable tank atomizer which was developed and produced in its entirety in Switzerland. It is made by StattQualm GmbH to be used for the vaporisation of e-liquid. The SQuape X[dream] can be closed off completely by a slight rotation of the tank and is therefore absolutely leak-free. Because of the closed system the tank can be taken off the atomizer and transported empty or full.

Short circuits are virtually impossible, through clever design of current conduction, as well as due to the nonconductive surface of the whole atomizer-chamber (consisting of ematalised aluminum).

We recommend a short rinse of the SQuape X[dream] in water before first use (but make sure to thoroughly dry all the parts afterwards).

Before first use, a coil (from vape-compatible wire material) must be made and a wick (from according wicking material) must be installed. After that, fill the atomiser with e-liquid according to the user manual. You can find further information, as well as detailed video materials on our website: http://www.squape.ch.

Carton Contents
1x SQuape X[dream] (partially assembled)
1x Deck X
1x SQuip Tip X
1x Spare glass
1x Hexagon wrench
1x Slotted screwdriver
Various spare screws and o-rings
1x User manual

• Tank volume: ~ 4.0 ml 
• Threads: 510 
• Weight (without Squip Tip): ~ 80g
• Height (without Squip Tip and 510 connector): 54,4mm 
• Diameter: 22 mm
• Stainless steel components: Steelnumber 1.4404 / 316L
• Glass: Borosilicate glass
• Deck and closing ring: Aluminium, emtalised
• Centerpin and poles: Ecobrass, gold-plated
• O-rings: nbr 70 shore

• Top Filling
• Stepless airflow control (replaceable)
• Single- or dual coil usage
• Adjustable 510 connector (gold-plated)
• Replaceable borosilicate glass
• Deck is accessible even with full tank
• Nonconductive components inside the evaporation-chamber (deck and closing ring) – no danger of short circuits
• No limits to thicker wires through pins with wire holes (2.2mm) and wire fixation through grub screws
• Gold-plated contacts
• Temp. Control and V/W suitable
• The tank can be completely closed and removed (even when full)
• Easy switching of the three positions „vape“, „remove“ and „closed“ with the 3-mode-lock.
vape > remove > closed (adjustable by a slight turn)






Please be advised that the base of the SQuape X[dream] cannot be taken apart, except for the centerpin, the grubscrews, the deck and the two o-rings.

The SQuape X[dream] has been thoroughly cleaned before dispatch. We still advise that you rinse all parts with tepid water before first use and regularly afterwards. Please make sure all parts are well dried before use.
CAUTION: Do not use theSQuape X[dream] as long as parts are still wet or humid. Water can lead to short circuits and/or other malfunctions.

• Please read the user manual carefully before first use!
• Keep the SQuape X[dream] dry (from water)!
• The base can not be disassembled, except for the centerpin, the grubscrews for fixing the wire, the deck and the o-rings
• Only use this device for vaporisation of e-liquid from trusted sources. 
• Please only air-dry the SQuape X[dream].
• Only connect the atomiser to a electricity source made for atomisers!
• The atomiser can be damaged by use of very high voltages or usage without e-liquid. StattQualm cannot be made liable in case of inappropriate or incorrect use.
• Never use the SQuape X[dream] as door-stopper.
• Not suitable for children. Keep the device away from children! Additionally, this device is not suitable for use during pregnancy.
• Do not use oils or liquids containing oils in this atomiser.
• For rebuilding (coiling and wicking) only use materials and tools that are made for this purpose (wire, wick, mesh etc.).
• The SQuape X[dream] and accessories thereof are only distributed by authorised partners of StattQualm. Atomisers and accessories, which have been bought elsewhere, are exempt from warranty.


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