SQuape Xs & X Dream

The SQuape X - (X's & X Dream) are rebuildable tank atomizers that were developed and produced in Switzerland, manufactured by StattQualm GmbH.  The SQuape (X's & X Dream) can be closed off completely by a slight rotation of the tank and is therefore absolutely leak-free. Because of the closed system the tank can be taken off the atomizer and transported empty or full. Short circuits are virtually impossible, through clever design of current conduction, as well as due to the nonconductive surface of the whole atomizer-chamber (consisting of emetalised aluminum).

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SQuape X(s) & X Dream Atomizers 


The SQuape X[dream] is a totally unique design from the team at StattQualm in Switzerland. This RTA features a liquid lock system that allows not only top-fill but you can actually remove the tank from the base without fear of any liquid draining out the bottom. The tank can also be closed and locked in place for safe transport using the three position locking mechanism. As with previous SQuape models the deck area is made from emetal coated aluminium for maximum avoidance of shorts. Both the two coil posts and 510 pin are gold plated for best possible conductivity. The air flow control ring can be aligned for both single and dual coil configurations and each has a very wide range of adjustability for many vaping styles.



  • Top-fill
  • 2ml capacity (Xs)
  • 4ml capacity (X Dream)
  • Step-less airflow control (replaceable)
  • Single- or dual coil
  • Adjustable 510 connection
  • Replaceable borosilicate glass
  • Deck is accessible even with full tank
  • Non-conductive components inside the chamber (deck and closing ring)
  • Gold plated contact and posts
  • Holes through pins are 2.2mm
  • The tank can be completely closed and removed (even when full)
  • Easy switching of the three positions "vape", "remove" and "closed" with the 3-mode-lock

Kit Contents

  • Partially assembled SQuape X[s] or X Dream Atomizer (assembly instructions provided)
  • Spare glass tank replacement
  • Slotted grub screws (installed) and hex grub screws (spare)
  • Full set of O-Rings
  • 1.5mm slotted screwdriver
  • 0.9mm Hex key 

Diameter: 22mm
Length: (Xs) 46mm (not including 510 thread or drip tip)
Length: (X Dream) 54.4mm (not including 510 thread or drip tip) 


Download attachments:

·        Sample of single- and dual coil setup

·        First steps with the SQuape X

·        User Manual

·        Frequently asked questions about the SQuape X

·        SQuape X o-rings




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