Kayfun 5² (K25) - Drip Tip Base (V-2)

SvoëMesto Kayfun 5² (K25) Threaded Drip Tip Base (V-2) for POM Drip Tips.

Made in Germany

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SvoëMesto Kayfun 5² (K25) Drip Tip Base (V-2)

Manufactured by SvoeMesto in Germany. The tip base piece is made of 316 stainless steel, with an etched Svoemesto logo.  Designed with two o-rings to ensure a snug fit.

Provides a nicer alternative to the standard drip-base of the Kayfun 5².  SvoeMesto POM threaded tip in Black, 4MM  available separately. 

The SM - Drip Tip - Base is available in two different sizes for either:

  • Kayfun 5² (wide)
  • Kayfun 5 / Kayfun Prime (slim)


Diameter: 10mm
Overall length:  

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