Tripod – Chamber and Chimney Reducer

 Made in Greece 


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The Tripod Chamber & Chimney Reducer, made of 316 food-grade stainless steel.

It consists of two parts, that are sandwiching the upper part of the Chimney. The C&C Reducer is pre-installed. This creates a vaporization chamber with lower volume and a chimney with 3.0mm inner D, focusing on flavor oriented setups rather than vapor production.

When removed, the chamber offers approx. 9.0mm coiling height and the chimney gets approx. 5.3mm inner diameter, with proper geometry to get all the clouds you want. The C&C Reducer actually offers you the potential of two different chamber and chimney geometries, thus two different single coil RTAs.

The Chamber Reducer comes with an o-ring 12.5×1.5 Silicone70 clear pre-installed.

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