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The Tripod RTA by Atmizoo is one the best RTA's on the market and is a step ahead of most other brands. It's 22mm design perfect for single coil setups. and offers an unparalleled vaping experience focusing on performance, versatility, and ergonomics. With its enhanced flavor and vapor production, potential for variable specs, instant real time access to the deck, instant top refill system, easy rebuilding, and attention to detail, it might just be the perfect atomizer.

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The Tripod RTA by Atmizoo is one the best RTA's on the market and is a step ahead of most other brands. It's 22mm design is perfect for single coil setups and offers an unparalleled vaping experience focusing on performance, versatility, and ergonomics. With its enhanced flavor and vapor production, the potential for variable specs, instant real-time access to the deck, instant top refill system, easy rebuilding, and attention to detail, it might just be the perfect atomizer.


Finish Options:

SS Matte is a light-brushed satin finish, close to the natural appearance of CNC processed Stainless Steel.

SS Ice Matte is a medium blasted finish, more dull and grayish compared to SS matte. The SS Ice Matte is a dynamic finish. It is not always the same and it gets darker over time. Also more prone to scratches compared to SS Matte.


The Deck - of the Tripod is targeted for single-coil setups with design details aiming to facilitate and improve the rebuilding process as much as possible. Focusing on some of them, you can see high precision large pan head phillips post screws, conveniently placed rails to capture wire either between rail and screw head/body or around screw body (depending on wire D), cut-outs on outer deck rim for easier rebuilding, cut-outs on inner deck rim plus cotton wells to help proper cotton placement and juice distribution along cotton body, sufficient liquid intake slots on deck sides ( approx. 4.0mm x 2.0mm). The Tripod deck can literally host any size of single coil build, from classic small sized ones up to larger exotic coils.

The Air Flow - can be tuned via four-pin options, each one with air hole D=1.0mm/1.2mm/ 1.5mm/1.8mm pinned inside a D=4.0mm nest. You may also regulate more "air" flow via the AFC Ring, adjusting from zero to D=4.0mm.

The Adjustable Chamber and Chimney:

With the Tripod, we introduce the Chamber and Chimney Reducer assembly. It consists of two parts, that are sandwiching the upper part of the Chimney. When assembled, the C&C Reducer forms a vaporization chamber with lower volume (approx. 5.3mm chamber height) and a chimney with 3.0mm inner diameter, focusing on flavor oriented setups rather than vapor production. When removed, the chamber offers approx. 9.0mm coiling height and the chimney gets approx. 5.3mm inner diameter, with proper geometry to get all the clouds you want. The C&C Reducer actually offers you the potential of two different chamber and chimney geometries, thus two different single-coil RTAs.

The Drip Tip:

Another interesting point is the custom drip tip that comes with the device. This is a two-parts assembly as well, with its two parts sandwiching the Top Cap to ensure extra stability when removing the top cap to refill. The drip tip is easily removable to let you use your own 510 drip tip.

Increased Capacity:

Add to the e-liquid capacity from the stock 2ml, with the optional (3.4ml tank extension kit) – only available outside the EU) and you will have a good idea of Tripod’s potential for versatility.

Optimized Ergonomics:

We have based on the concept of a thread-less mechanism with a twist and pull/push actions in order to design and manufacture high precision parts that make vaping with an RTA so much easier. Instant access to the deck can’t get any simpler and quicker. You just twist, align the small triangles that are located on the sides of the chimney and deck, and then pull in order to access your deck super quickly, any time, even with a full tank. Same with refilling, as a good old screw-on threaded cap is no longer here. Simply align the triangle on the side of the top cap with the dot on the rim right below and pull up to refill through the large liquid slots. Don’t need to worry if you find it hard to spot dots and triangles: If you twist and pull gently you will definitely get it when you reach the aligned – unlocking point of each mechanism.


– Airflow tuning via 4 pin options with air hole D=1.0mm/1.2mm/ 1.5mm/1.8mm pinned inside a D=4.0mm nest or via an AFC Ring adjusting from zero to D=4.0mm.

– M2.5mm pan head phillips post screws.

– Two parts screw-in custom Drip Tip / inner D=4.0mm, can also host any 510 drip tip.

– 10.0mm post-to-post space, ~6.6mm post-to-post net space , ~5.8mm coil space.

– Tank capacity 2ml.

– Max. net coiling height ~9.0mm (C & C Reducer out) / ~5.3mm (C & C Reducer in)

– Chimney top inner D ~5.2mm (C & C Reducer out) / ~3.0mm (C & C Reducer in)

– Height 510 excl., 39mm [Drip Tip off] / 47.0mm [Drip Tip on]

– Weight ~56g

– SS316 food-grade metal parts, PEEK Thermoplastic Insulators, POM (Acetal) Drip Tip, Steel nickel plated Post Screws, Borosilicate Glass Tank

Getting Started:

Before using Tripod for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you take a good look at the manual to familiarize yourself with the detailed introduction, assembly/disassembly guides, useful tips.

Scope of delivery:

– 1 x Tripod RTA

-  1 x Chamber & Chimney Reducer pre-installed)

– 1 x Set of spares (2 x Post Screws, 1 x O-ring Kit, 1 x Tank Body, 1 x AF Pins Kit)

– 1 x User Guide – 1 x Warranty Card


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Price $149.95
  1. Great review by Eric on 1/1/2022

    I have the kayfun 5 and the GT 4 and this rta in my opinion is the best.

  2. Expectations exceeded. review by snookimane on 7/31/2021

    I'm not the type to leave reviews on products. But after my initial experience with the Tripod, I felt I should. I have only been using this RTA a few hours, and already it has given me the one of the best vape experiences I've ever had. Although it takes time to become completely familiar with new gear, and I can't be considered an experienced Tripod user, I believe my opinion is accurate and you can this can take this review to the bank. My limited time with this RTA is mitigated by the near decade I've spent as a habitual vaper, modder, coil builder, DIY juice maker, etc. My preferences might make me a bit of an outlier; while I'm usually a restricted DL vaper, I also use MTL devices daily and open DL often. My go-to atomisers are the Taifun GTIV, the Kayfun Lite, and a Kennedy Ruby 25 (RIP). I know, I'm old school af. But if those devices are your jam, you will love the Tripod. It doesn't behave like any of the aforementioned; it's got it's own beautiful thing going altogether. I haven't tried the Tripod in MTL mode just yet, but I will soon. I have been vaping the Tripod straight out the box with no airflow inserts, both the AFC and JFC fully open, on a DNA 250c, a .28 ohm Ni80 framed staple Clapton, at 35W.

    I can't think of any other instance where I'd give something a perfect score, because nothing is perfect. If I had to nitpick, and this is purely subjective, I'd prefer a slightly taller drip tip. But I absolutely love the way it screws into place, and aesthetically I think it's height is great; I'm speaking purely based on feel. Having said that, those positives will likely prevent me from switching it out to one of mine.

    I came to this site to buy a Kayfun 5² SE, but impulsively decided it was time to try something new at the last minute. This is my first purchase at dicodes-usa.com. Initially I was going to buy from smokerstore.de, whom I already have a relationship, but the current state of affairs inspired me to try something domestic. Obviously the shipping from CA to OR was much faster than it would've been from Germany, but my package arrived in a only a few days, which I did not expect. Kudos for that. At this point it's only a matter of time before return for a mod with Dicodes electronics, which I am excited to finally try for the first time. All in all, I'm very pleased with my purchase and would encourage you to give this site and and of the products listed a try. There's nothing but quality being offered here.

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