Dicodes Resistance Wire NiFe30

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Dicodes Resistance Wire NiFe30

Dicodes' own special alloy manufactured as an alternative to Nickel wire.
NiFe30 wire has a lower temperature coefficient than nickel and allows for slightly higher resistance coils for temperature mode. With this wire, you will see an obvious improvement in battery life, plus it's to easy to work and it retains It’s shape very well.

  • Dicodes resistance wire RESISTHERM NiFe30
  • Developed for best taste and flavor of liquids
  • Easy to handle
  • 0,28mm diameter
  • Temperature coefficient = 320
  • 1 meter = 5,5 Ohm
  • 10 meter-spool = (33 feet)
  • Dicodes Product No:  dicodesrewiNiFe3010m
  • RESISTHERM NiFe30 datasheet english


Manufacturer Recommends:

1.  In Temperature Control Mode, you must use spaced coils.

2.  2,5 mm to  3,5 mm

3.  0,3 Ohm to 0,8 Ohm

4.  If desired, when changing the cotton it is ok to make a dry burn.  After one to two-dimensional cotton    

     changes, the wire should also be changed.

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