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Dicodes - Dani 25 Reduction Cones


Dicodes 2395

Dicodes 2395T

Quick Overview

The Dicodes electronics are the most advanced electronics available on the market in temperature controlled mods.

Made in Germany



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Dicodes 2395T (Telescopic)

High tech German engineering at its finest.  The Dicodes 2395T (Telescopic version) is the most advanced temperature control mod available on the market.  It’s a powerful, compact 23mm tube mod with clean lines and elegant looks that delivers a high quality, smooth, flavorful vape experience.  It offers 5 different modes, allowing the user to switch between variable watt, variable watt with heat protection, variable watt with power boost, variable temperature (various wire types supported), and a bypass mode which turns the device into an unregulated protected Mod.

The telescopic design of the 2395T means no spring in the end cap which makes for the best possible battery connection and internal resistance.  Also included are various sized extension tubes so you have the option to use (pairs) of the three main sizes of 18mm battery on the market.  The telescopic design allows the option to use two (18650) batteries for a max power of 95W right out of the box, but you will have the small recess in the tube showing, this can be eliminated by using the dual 18650 stacking tube (sold separately.)

This single button device is packed with so many features and adjustments, the menu system is quite complex and can take a little time to get used to, but once you’re beyond the learning curve the navigation and settings become second nature.  *Please take some time to read and understand the short instruction manual packaged with the device, we also recommend you download the complete manual for more detailed instructions and features explanation. (See the pdf attachment below for the full manual.)

The Dicodes 2395T is precision engineered in Germany for performance and safety, backed by a two-year warranty on the electronics*.

“DICODES.  There is no substitute, why settle for anything less!”*


  • Stainless steel body with custom tactile button and laser engraved logo
  • Telescopic design with no spring in the end cap for best possible battery contact and low voltage drop
  • 5-60 watt (single cell use)
  • 5- 95 watt (dual cell use)
  • 23mm diameter end caps (designed to look nice with 22mm tanks also)
  • Resistance range 0.05Ω to 5Ω Total
  • 0.17 – 2.1 ohm (60 watt mode)
  • 0.27 – 1.4 ohm (95 watt mode)
  • OLED display with adjustable brightness settings
  • Spring-loaded center pin
  • Temperature controlled vaping mode with various wire-types
  • 10 Power boost modes
  • 10 Heater protection modes
  • Optimized for Dicodes RESISTHERM NiFe30 wire 
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Versatile menu structure
  • Individual user preferences selection
  • 2 years warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • Dicodes Part-No: Dicodes 2395T



  • Dicodes 2395T
  • Short user guide
  • Sample pack of Dicodes NiFe wire
  • Packaged in a custom metal box 


Dimensions (approx)

Diameter: 22mm (Main Body), 23mm (End Caps)
Length: 84mm (18350 to 149 (Dual 18350) 

Recommended Compatible Batteries (not included)

Single - INR 18350 3.7V 1100mAh Battery
Single - INR 18500 3.7V 1100mAh to 2200mAh Battery
Single - INR 18650 3.7V 2500mAh to 3000mAh Battery
Dual  -   INR 18350 3.7V 1100mAh Battery


Detailed Instruction Manual


*Warranty Terms
Two year warranty covers manufacturing faults within the electronic component of the device only. Opening the device, other than the battery cap to change the battery, will void the warranty.  * Damage or corrosion caused by seepage of excessive e-liquid is NOT covered by the warranty.*

Please Note:  In order for the temperature control settings to function, a coil made from NiFe30, Titanium, Ni200, Tungsten, adjustable („other“) wire must be used, no exceptions. Coils made with Standard Nichrome or Kanthal A1 wire will only support wattage mode, so the temperature control feature cannot be utilized.

Additional Information

Price $325.00
  1. The best of the best review by George on 11/15/2017

    I love my 2395T, the casual style cloud it makes. The best part is the customer service of dicodes USA. They really treat every customer seriously!!! No matter what questions you got. Really recommend buying from them!!!!

  2. Excellence Product and Customer Service review by HDjaja on 7/11/2017

    This product is by far the most excellence product quality and performance vv/vw tube mod I've ever owned. Once I received my Dicodes 2395T, I was instantly impressed by the elegant appearance , build quality and feel in my hand. I have other high end mods but this one is truly exceptional. The temp control is smooth, consistent, and reliable. If you have been even thinking about buying one of a high quality w/vw tube mod, then I would not hesitate recommending Dicodes 2395T, you will not disappointed.
    The product was sent as promised. Dicodes USA very responsive to any inquiry.

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