Dicodes CS1 Charging Station

For all Dicodes Box Mods, to include (Dani 21700, (ALL) Dani SBS, Dani Box Mini, Dani Box Micro, Dani Box V2,/V1, Dani Box V3 Stabilized Wood Edition, Water Transfer Edition) & Dicodes No. 6)

Made in Germany


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Dicodes CS1 Charging Station

The Dicodes CS1 Charging Station is an automatic smart-charger specifically designed for Dicodes Box Mods.  Included are inlays for Dani Box 21700, Dani SBS, Dani Box Mini, Dani Box Micro, Dani Box V2, Dani Box V3 Stabwood & Dicodes No.6, that are specifically designed to hold each model in place during charging.

The CS1 charging station has a large LCD screen that displays the charging current, battery voltage, charge level, source current, including possible errors. It’s capable of up to 2 amp charging “without” removing the battery from your mod as with a traditional external charger, so it’s more convenient and charges your battery at a rapid pace.  Included with the 2amp AC Adapter are worldwide power-outlet adapters.  It can also be powered via a micro USB cord, (not included.)


  • Inlays for Dani Box 21700 / Dani SBS / Dani Box Mini / Dan Box Micro / Dani Box V2 / Dani-Box V3 Stabwood / Dicodes No. 6 
  • LCD screen with auto dimming backlight
  • Wall-adapter power supply (includes main-plugs for worldwide use)
  • Automatic USB source strength detection according to battery charger specification BC1.2 and source overload  protection
  • Micro-USB port with heavy duty contacts (3A) for long lasting usage
  • 2 amp intelligent charging
  • Protective end-charge voltage of 4.15V (+/- 1%) for increased battery charging life cycles
  • Changeable inlay system for cross compatibility
  • Robust spring contacts
  • Prepared for future Dicodes box-mods by means of the inlay concept
  • 2 Year warranty on the electronics*
  • Made in Germany
  • Dicodes Part-No: CS1



  • Dicodes CS1 charging station
  • 5 x separate inlays
  • Worldwide wall adapters


Length:   3.66 inches

Width:     3.94 inches

Height:    1 inch


  • Two year warranty covering manufacturing faults within the electronic components only. Damaging or opening the charger casing will void the warranty.



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